Review: The Sweetest Sweet Rolled Tacos


Tessa H., Staff Writer

     Picture this treat: a thick layer of colorful rolled ice cream nestled in a playful taco-shaped waffle. That sounds pretty delicious, right? It’s a sweet rolled taco! I recently got to try this dessert for the first time at Sweet Rolled Tacos, a restaurant in Redlands. They serve their eponymous tacos, along with beverages (teas, milkshakes, slushies, lemonades, and coffee). 

     As soon as I walked into the restaurant, I was filled with the joy of “kawaii” details — its interior atmosphere is sure to put a smile on a child’s face. They also have many quotes that make the space feel inviting. Their service and staff are very friendly, and the only minor inconvenience is the fact that the process of making the ice cream takes a few minutes. I had to wait for about ten minutes to initially order, but the slight wait is definitely rewarding, as my brother and I got to watch the ice cream being formed — which is part of the experience. And, there are signs politely asking customers to wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, and maintain social distancing while inside.

     Just like all of its other aspects, Sweet Rolled Tacos’ ice cream is top notch. The menu has a wide variety of chocolatey to fruity flavors to please any taste buds! A special touch that I appreciated was that I was able to pick the color of my shell. My family got the Cookies and Cream, Monster Ink, and Churro flavors. The ice cream was refreshingly cold and creamy, which hit the spot, along with the decorations. “The flavors, while seemingly interesting, made for good, decadent ice cream nonetheless,” my mom noted. There are quite a few flavors, but the menu is relatively simple and easy to read. The packaging that the ice cream came in was effective, as the tacos were still intact after being jostled around in a car ride (apart from a negligible fracture in one of the shells). 

     Overall, if you are in the mood for a mouthwatering and unique dessert, Sweet Rolled Tacos is the place to go — the staff are skilled, the environment is appealing, and the ice cream is delectable. These treats really hit home after a long day, too. After all, ‘stressed’ is just ‘desserts’ spelled backwards!