How to Become a PRO at Minecraft PvP

How to Become a PRO at Minecraft PvP

Edric W., Staff Writer

     In 2009, a man named Markus Alexej Persson released a game called Minecraft. Since then, it has evolved through various updates, each adding features and removing flaws. Upon the release of multiplayer capabilities, PVP was released. PVP stands for player versus player combat, where players fight with weapons like swords, bows, axes, and shields (only in 1.9+). However, losing in PVP can often be very frustrating. Therefore, I will be talking about how to get better at PVP in Minecraft.

     Minecraft PvP depends on two things: Aim and clicks per second. So, the first thing you should do is increase your aim (I will be providing links to a point and click training site below). The next thing you should do is increase your clicks per second or CPS. You can do this by using different clicking methods, including but not limited to Butterfly, Jitter, and drag. Butterfly clicking is where you alternate clicking with two fingers (on the same button). Jitter uses muscle tension, using the shaking motion of your arm to click, and drag uses friction, using the bounce force you get from when you slide your finger on the button to click. That, or you can normal click, where you just click like you normally would.

One really big advantage in any melee PVP with knockback is that you can combo people. If you can hit your opponent and they cannot hit you, then you are at a clear advantage. Therefore, you should use another aspect of Minecraft to your advantage: low ground and projectiles. Projectiles are able to deal knockback to a player at a distance, hence making comboing people much easier. Throw a projectile at a person when you are close enough, and the instant the projectile hits, begin hitting them. You can do this with fishing rods, bows, snowballs, and eggs. Most people use this, if available, so make sure you at least have a rough understanding of this concept before going into any PVP. The second thing is low ground. The distance you can hit a player from begins at the player’s head. If you are lower, you can hit the player’s legs while they cannot hit you. This makes comboing and surviving through PVP so much easier.

And that wraps this up! Make sure you can aim and click well before you get into any serious PVP. Once you are in, ensure that you can at least grasp the concepts of low ground and projectiles. I hope this guide helped you, and have a great day!