Editorial: Why Puerto Rico Should Become a State

Harris G., Staff Writer

     You may think that the United States is made of, well, united states. However, the 50 states don’t make up the entirety of the US. The biggest example of this is Puerto Rico. But its not being a state is not just some quirky fact, it’s a large disadvantage for it. I believe that Puerto Rico should become the 51st state.

     The arguments against making it a state are a good place to start as they are generally very weak. Some people claim that Puerto Rico is too poor, that it would be an economic sinkhole. But Puerto Rico is already a part of the US, so we are already obligated to help it. Making it a state doesn’t change that. The same argument applies for people saying that it is predominantly Spanish-speaking, meaning it will not fit in with the rest of the US, this is already the case and making it a state won’t change this. Another argument is that many Puerto Ricans may not want to become a state. Some people claim that although 97% of Puerto Ricans voted to become a state in 2017, only 25% of citizens came to the polls, and thus it isn’t representative. This is ridiculous as the 75% of people who didn’t vote are expected to have at least similar results to the 25% that did.

     The most important reason is that residents of Puerto Rico have no representation in the Senate. It shouldn’t take much creativity whatsoever to see why that can’t be described as fair in the slightest. The Senate is arguably the most important body in the entire US government, so the fact that the millions of people who live in Puerto Rico have no say in how it’s composed isn’t fair at all. Furthermore, Puerto Rico not only has no say in the Senate, but in the presidential election as well. It’s unfair that those who live in Puerto Rico have no say in how the country whose federal laws and constitution they must follow. 

     So, let’s all hope that Puerto Rico will become a state soon, and maybe spread the word so that there can be more support for the movement!