Going Back to School (Editorial)


Josephine H., Staff Writer

     The pandemic has been hard on everyone, from kids starting their first year at school to the health workers battling the virus on the front lines. When the pandemic first started around Spring Break last year, it was just a precaution that we were staying home and doing distance learning. Now, more than 11 months later, distance learning is the norm for students around the world. Zoom classes, online worksheets, and masks everywhere have become part of our everyday lives. I think that going back to school after spring break would be better for everyone.


     Going back to school after Spring Break will be beneficial for all the students that don’t have access to strong WiFi or a good computer. WiFi issues can put students behind in class since they might lack vital information or not be able to turn in their assignments on time. If we go back to school, they would be able to go to class physically and therefore be able to take notes and learn from their teachers as it’s intended. Homework would be on paper and easier to do without WiFi or an internet connection.


     If we go back to normal school (with masks and social distancing of course), everyone’s eyes and skin will be thankful. Sitting in front of the computer all day for up to 7 hours isn’t healthy. Research shows that blue light, which is used to show colors and words on computer screens, can cause diseases in the retina of the eye and can stress the skin. “When blue light stresses the skin, it reacts by producing inflammation, leading to swelling and redness.” If you were uncomfortable or in pain, would you be able to focus on schoolwork?


     Last but not least, students’ mental health. Distance learning is stressful and school, in general, can be very bad for children’s mental and emotional health. Distance learning might be a good way to stop the spread of the virus, but at what cost? Is the education of the next generation not worth it? Normal school is easier to focus on, for multiple reasons. There aren’t any distractions, like the temptation of video games or other recreational activities, and having a separate environment to learn in is better because it’s easier to focus.


     So what do you think? Would going back to school be for the best or worst? Or is distance learning a good enough environment to learn in? Think about it. Your mental health, eyes, and skin will be thank you, and it will be easier to learn in the school environment.