Editorial: Why we shouldn’t do state testing this year

Editorial: Why we shouldnt do state testing this year

Sarah M., Staff Writer

     Everyone has been wondering if we are going to do state testing this year. I believe that we should not do state testing this year. 

     Firstly, we shouldn’t do it because kids are already stressed out and they don’t need another thing to be stressed out about. Testing can be a very stressful time because people want to do well on tests. Kids are worried about the loads of homework and the tests they already have. Also, this year has been a whole new school environment for students and it can be hard for a lot of kids to study and do well on tests. This means that the results from state testing may not be as accurate as it usually is. 

     Secondly, if kids are using personal computers, how are the teachers going to know if the kids are cheating or not. This can make the test not as accurate as it would usually be. If the test isn’t going to get accurate information then why should we do it this year? It just adds stress and worry on kids. Also the chromebooks that the school uses have the CalState app which is used for testing and makes it to where you can’t open other tabs. This means that if kids use the CalState app they may not be able to have zoom open. 

     Lastly, kids already have a lot of tests and homework as it is including District Assessments.  The students’ performance on these items can help teachers know what the kids know and what they don’t. The purpose of state testing is to see what students know, but it isn’t needed if there are already a lot of tests. Overall it is just a test that isn’t needed and is just an additional stressor.

     In the end, people who think we should do standardized testing this year will say how it helps the district and teachers know what the students understand, but there are other measures that show the same information and aren’t as stressful as standardized testing. This is why we shouldn’t do state testing this year.