Rain, Rain, Please Come Here


Subhadra M., Staff Writer

     California has been going through a drought period for a long time. As always, rain helps the situation, but it’s not very common around here. However, the city ended up getting quite a downpour on Friday morning. Though the storm didn’t completely end the drought, it was a much-needed reprieve. 

     During the later part of fourth period, you could hear the pounding of the water. It was unlike most rain Redlands had seen in a long time. The thunder in particular was jarring because the city doesn’t get those kinds of claps very often. However, the whole storm seemed to have tired itself out and was over very quickly. It kept traveling beyond the city, leaving a sunny day and azure skies behind.

    Since Redlands doesn’t get rain very often, it’s really wonderful when it does come. Hopefully, we get a similar rain soon, but the forecasts only promise partially cloudy days for the next few weeks. Perhaps, though, we’ll be surprised by another driving storm.