ASB Gives Students a Wonderful Movie Night Experience


Lilus M., Staff Writer

     Last Thursday, February 11, ASB hosted their first movie matinee. It turned out to be a great success! The event was after school, starting at 3:30. Since this month is Black History Month, ASB decided to pick the movie “Hidden Figures”, a movie about the first black women who helped launch the first spaceship into space. Not many students have watched the movie “Hidden Figures”, so it was something they got to look forward to. During the movie, everybody was encouraged to get comfy and munch on some snacks to make the movie experience way better. 

     8th grader Sophia Ravanzo, an ASB executive, stated, “The ASB movie night went really well! The movie was a great choice and everyone seemed to enjoy it! The conversations in chat were great, especially since people couldn’t unmute during the movie. Overall, I feel the event was a great success!”

     Just like Sophia R. mentioned, students weren’t allowed to unmute their mics, that way everybody could watch the movie without any interruptions. Although students had to stay muted, they were allowed to use the chat. ASB encouraged them to start conversations about the movie and interact with each other. This went really well because several students were chatting with each other throughout the movie. It was really nice to see students participate and interact with each other.

     “It went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy it. People participated in the chat, and seemed to have a nice time,” commented 8th grader Ruby Widmann, an ASB representative.

     All long movie events include a small intermission to let the viewers enjoy a quick break, but ASB came up with a clever way to make their intermission extremely fun. Instead of having a boring ten-minute intermission in the middle of the movie, there was a mini interactive game instead. It was a ten-minute race between four fish. One minute, it looked like the first fish was in the lead, and the next minute, the fish in last place is now in the lead. In other words, there was no telling which fish would win. It was a wild guess. So students began talking about which fish they thought was going to win. Honestly, the game was an extremely smart and fun way to spark up conversations in the chat.

     “ASB’s first ever Zoom Movie Matinee was a great success! We had over 60 participants. The movie was a great choice to not only enjoy a fantastic movie but to also celebrate Black History Month. The students enjoyed the movie, had a chance to socialize in the chat, and played a fun game at intermission. We can’t wait for our next Movie Matinee!” stated Mrs. Clark, ASB’s advisor. 

     Overall, every bit of ASB’s Movie Matinee was successful and worth it. All of the students enjoyed the event. They all look forward to ASB’s next movie event, and they just absolutely can’t wait. Be sure to thank all of ASB for the hard work and effort they put into their movie night. Thanks to ASB, school is a whole lot enjoyable.