Editorial: What is the Best Flavor for Cheesecake?


Nahiara M., Staff Writer

  When it comes to sweets everyone has different tastes. The same applies to cheesecake, but what kind of cheesecake flavor is the best flavor? 

     There are many varieties in flavors of cheesecake but some of the most known are classic, strawberry, and other types of berries, and chocolate, and other fruits. Of course, there are more but these are some of the more common ones. So which one is the best one out of those? Classic Cheesecake is the most basic flavor and no one can ever go wrong with this flavor. As for strawberry, it is a sweet fruity flavor for those who want to feel refreshed or for those who want something sweet. As for other berries such as boysenberry, blackberry, blueberries, and raspberry are all great flavors for people who enjoy berries, even though they can be harder to find. Next is chocolate which is a basic, yet sweet flavor. It is perfect for people who love chocolate and have many varieties such as dark, mint, white, milk, or normal chocolate. Lastly, are just fruit flavors. Same as the berries, these are great for a fresh taste. They are sweet yet have their hints of flavors depending on the fruit such as mango, cherry, lemon, or orange. 

     As for the best flavor, I believe it is strawberry. Strawberry is a classic that almost everyone likes. It is sweet yet not too sweet and has the refreshing taste of a strawberry and overall is a great flavor. It can be given to anyone and has a great presentation. Overall it’s the best flavor because almost everyone likes it, it has a nice presentation and can be a common flavor that is found almost anywhere.