Product Review: The Glorious Model O!


Edric W., Staff Writer

     The Glorious Model O is, as most (if not all) people consider it, the lightest mouse in existence. I recently ordered one myself, and it arrived not too long ago. The moment I unboxed it, I noticed that this mouse was, indeed, the lightest mouse in existence. It glides along the mouse pad, and it also has a software that can adjust its sensitivity, lights, and keybinds. Once I set my mouse up, I opened up a game to test this out. Instantly, I was surprised at how smoothly I could move around and click. Not only that, but this mouse allowed me to click faster. I went from clicking 11-12 times per second to being able to click 15-20 times per second. Also, in case you were wondering about this mouse’s appearance, I have put an image below this that you can see. The mouse has a light in its scroll wheel and sides. It has a honeycomb pattern of holes on it to circulate air better. It also comes matte or glossy in 3 colors, which are white, black, and pink.

All in all, this mouse is a great mouse. It is light, glides across the mousepad, and is a significant boost in performance from many other mouse products out there. Out of 10, the Glorious Model O scores a definite 10.