Candy CORNers


Ashley P., Assistant Editor(online)

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By Ashley P.

Are you trying to figure out ways to earn extra candy and looking for famous routes to go to while trick or treating? Are you looking for ways to have fun with your friends on Halloween? Redlands has it all! The following places are some great candy stops.

  1. The cross section of Olive Market: This place is always full of people, creative houses, and great candy.
  2. Cajon Street and Olive Avenue: Great for teens and older kids who are looking for Halloween scares.
  3. Olive and Fern street: If you’re looking for candy, funny costumes, haunted houses, and scares, stop by here!
  4. Historic Downtown Redlands: Downtown Redlands provides safe trick-or-treating for children at 3 pm-4 pm.
  5. State Street: The City of Redlands Development Services give loads of candy in an amazing location.
  6. Tartan of Redlands: Costume contest alert!! Go here for a chance to win cash prizes.

There you have it Cope Eagles! Don’t forget to stay safe, have fun, and eat lots of candy! Enjoy your Halloween!