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  • May 31We will be clearing out lockers and checking in school issued locks on Friday, June 2th. Bring a bag to clear out all of your belongings.

  • May 258-14 year olds:Check out the summer music academy on July 17-28th. For more information pick up a flyer in the student center.

  • May 8You can still buy a Cope shirt for only $13 with ASB Sticker or $15 without.

  • October 31Buy a yearbook now. Click on the link on the Cope web page.

  • September 27College Wear Wedenesday! Wear your favorite college clothes every Wednesday!

2016-2017 Staff

Paawan S

Instagram Man

Instagram Man Paawan S is a staff writer for the and the printed paper, and also does layout. Paawan, an 8th grader in his second year of journalism who runs The Talon's first ever Instagram.

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Travis L.


Travis L. is a staff writer he writes for both The Talon and This is his first year  in journalism. He is also on the Distribution team and is in the eighth grade.

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Emily C.

Staff Writer

Emily C. is a staff writer for and The Talon. Emily is also involved with the publicity group in Journalism. They make and hang up posters about news around Cope.

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Nathan W.


Nathan W. is in 8th grade, and is in his first year of journalism.  Nathan is a staff writer for both The Talon and  He is also on the layout team and is the author of the “Nathan’s Know-No’s” widget on theta...

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Ian T.

Social Media

Ian T. is a writer on both printed and online articles. He works on the layout team. Ian also works with Paawan and Emma on social media platforms. This is his first year in Journalism. He wishes to succeed and pursue his writing...

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Ashley P.

Assistant Editor

Ashley P. is the assistant editor for the online newspaper as well as a staff writer.  Besides this, she is on Journalism's Distribution team. Distribution tells members of Journalism what teachers they will pass newspapers out...

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Evan K.

The Talon Online Editor-In-Chief

Evan K. is the Editor-In-Chief of the online adition of The Talon. It is his job to assign and, in certain cases, edit articles for the online newspaper. Furthermore, Evan writes for not only the online paper, but the printed ...

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Abigail L.


Distribution and Staff Writer Abigail L. is the head of Distribution and a second-year student. As the head of Distribution, she is to make sure that each teacher, and student, receives The Talon. Being a second-year journali...

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Christina L.

Staff Writer

Christina L. is a staff writer for and The Talon. She is also on the layout team for the printed newspaper.

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Harrison F

Staff Writer

Harrison is a staff writer for the student news online and the printed paper. Also, he is on the Cope yearbook team. This is Harrison's first year on the team.

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Rishi S.

Staff Writer

Rishi S. is a staff writer for the talon. He writes articles for and for the school newspaper.

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Katie T.

Staff Writer

Katie T. is a staff writer for and The Talon.  She is also on the publicity team, where she makes posters for clubs that are starting and things that are happening in Journalism.  This is Katie's first year...

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Emma M.

Staff Writer

Emma M. is a staff writer for the Talon online and the printed paper. She is a part of the publicity team. She is also a part of the social media team. Emma is in seventh grade and this is her first year in journalism.

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Krista L.

Head of Publicity

Krista L. is on publicity and writes for The Talon and It is her responisbility to make posters for clubs all across school and to spread the word Journalism and The Talon.  She also writes for both the onli...

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Danny B.

Layout Editor

Danny B. doubles as both Journalism's Layout Editor and a Staff Writer. This year is currently his second in the Journalism Class, and he has taken up multiple resonsibilities to make The Talon as visually pleasing as it can b...

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Ashlynn L.


Ashlynn L. is the Editor-in-Chief of The Talon and currently in her second year of Journalism. As Editor-in-Chief, it is her job to assign articles as well as other assignments for Journalism students. Furthermore, it is Ashlynn’s...

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