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The New Teacher On The Block

Krista L.

March 27

Filed under Student Life

      His favorite subject is math and he’s a new teacher in room M-51. You probably know who I am talking about... Mr. Clarey! Ever since Mr. Rothe has left, he took up his spot and is now a teacher a...

Paws and Claws Pet Food Drive

Ashley P., Assistant SNO Editor

March 10

Filed under Around Redlands, Entertainment, Showcase, Student Life

  Cope is hosting a pet food drive for the Redlands Animal Shelter. It's called the Paws and Claws Pet Food Drive. Students have been asked to bring in any type of food for dogs, cats, and any other creature that the she...

Just Stop!

Just Stop!

March 10

Students Bringing Their Own Sports Equipment

Ian T., Layout

March 6

Filed under Showcase, Sports, Student Life

      At the beginning of the school year, there was a new rule that was announced. That new rule was students prohibited to bring their own sports equipment . The only way to play a sport is to check out sports equ...

Featured Student: Maaliyah Buckner

Nathan W.

February 8

Filed under Student Life

    Reading is perhaps one of the most important skills a person can have. To show the importance of reading, Doctor Alan Zimmerman compared life and the ability to read to two different kinds of roads, “You see ... if you are a p...

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