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Paws and Claws Pet Food Drive

Ashley P., Assistant SNO Editor

March 10

Filed under Around Redlands, Entertainment, Showcase, Student Life

  Cope is hosting a pet food drive for the Redlands Animal Shelter. It's called the Paws and Claws Pet Food Drive. Students have been asked to bring in any type of food for dogs, cats, and any other creature that the she...



February 23

February Horoscoopes

Abigail L., Distribution

February 8

Filed under Entertainment

  Aries (March 20th – April 19th): You will find yourself dreaming about running half a marathon (thirteen miles) and winning second place. If you hadn’t tripped, you probably would have gotten first place. Tauru...

From the Bottle Flipping Challenge to Chokers; Here Are the Trends That Took Over 2016

February 8

Filed under Entertainment, Showcase

2016 has been a year where several styles and trends swept all over social media, both good and bad. A generous amount of popular memes emerged, new fashion styles became hits, Pokemon Go was an app you just needed to have, along...

The student news site of Cope Middle School