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  • May 31We will be clearing out lockers and checking in school issued locks on Friday, June 2th. Bring a bag to clear out all of your belongings.

  • May 258-14 year olds:Check out the summer music academy on July 17-28th. For more information pick up a flyer in the student center.

  • May 8You can still buy a Cope shirt for only $13 with ASB Sticker or $15 without.

  • October 31Buy a yearbook now. Click on the link on the Cope web page.

  • September 27College Wear Wedenesday! Wear your favorite college clothes every Wednesday!



March 5, 2017

Looking for a Barber

February 10, 2017

The Redlands Christmas Parade

Emma M

January 19, 2017

Filed under Around Redlands

This past Saturday, December 3rd, was the Redlands Christmas Parade. It was the 26th annual parade. There were street performers, floats, and even Santa Claus! The Cope Band marched down the parade route playing “Christmas ...

Why Do We Trick-Or-Treat?

Why Do We Trick-Or-Treat?

October 26, 2016

A Knick to a Knack

A Knick to a Knack

October 25, 2016

Creepy Clown Takeover

Ian T., Layout

October 13, 2016

Filed under Around Redlands, Showcase

Have you heard that creepy clowns are taking over the world? The idea of dressing up as clowns began in other states and is now here in our very own city. According to RPD detectives, “RPD received multiple reports from concerned pare...

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