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WEB Interview with Mrs. Skoog

Simon J.S.

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The WEB program, Where Everyone Belongs, is a program that was developed in Santa Cruz 15 years ago by Carolyn Hill, Mary Beth Campbell, and Micah Jacobsen. Cope became a part of WEB last year and this is our second year. Its motto, “You Get Back What You Give,” refers to the original company, The Boomerang Project.

Me: Do you know where the WEB program originated?

Mrs. Skoog: WEB came from three people who invented the “Boomerang Program” in Santa Cruz 15 years ago. There are 4500 schools in the “Link Crew,” the high school version of WEB.

Me: When did Cope decide to be part of the nationwide WEB program?

Mrs. Skoog: Cope finally decided to incorporate in in the 2014-15 year for the 15-16 year, but we considered it for ten years.

Me: Why are only the 8th graders WEB leaders, and not the seventh?

Mrs. Skoog: The eighth graders are slightly more mature than the seventh, and there is a larger difference between 6th and 8th than 6th and 7th.

Me: What plans do you have for the second year of this program?

Mrs. Skoog: We will be expanding the lunchtime meetups to “lunch with your leader,” a full lunch period with your entire WEB groups in a pre-designated location.

Me: How many WEB leaders/groups are there this year?

Mrs. Skoog: There are 42 groups and 46 leaders, a couple of groups with joined leadership.

Me: Who is working on planning the events along with yourself?

Mrs. Skoog: Miss Cullen, an eighth grade English teacher who also has a WEB exploratory. The leaders who visit 6th grade classes are in this exploratory group.


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The student news site of Cope Middle School
WEB Interview with Mrs. Skoog