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Medieval Times Field Trip

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For the first time in several years, there was a 7th grade field trip . Unlike the science field trips which are first come first served, every 7th grader was eligible to go if they had all of their demerits cleared.  We went to Medieval Times because in social studies we are learning about the Middle Ages and in English there is a book report assignment on the Middle Ages. To transport most of the 7th grade it took seven buses. Once we all arrived we were given color cards that told us what section to sit in, what table to sit at, and which knight to root for.  Every person got a crown and a bracelet to take home. We were served chicken, potato, corn, bread,  and cookies.  The knights gave out flowers and sashes that said “Queen of the Tournament” to some of the girls. We watched knights hit targets and joust each other. Overall it was a great experience for the 7th grade, hopefully the 6th graders of this year get to go on this trip next year.

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  1. Alexis Stewart on February 17th, 2017 2:58 pm

    The field trip was amazing, the performance was the best part of the show!!!! I believe that everyone enjoyed all the action that was going on. The food was really delicious, the drinks were sweet and good. Hopefully the sixth graders now will get to go to Medieval Times and have an amazing experience like us seventh graders did.


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Medieval Times Field Trip