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Duck the Love Arrows

Ashley P., Assistant SNO Editor

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Though I do love Valentine’s Day- there isn’t a good reason not to when you get flowers and candy from your friends- I just don’t see what the big deal about Valentine’s Day is. Every year, people go crazy about it and make such big plans, and it’s only for one day! And really, if you think about it, everyday should be Valentine’s Day because it is always a great idea to let that special someone in your life know that you love them, not just on one day. Why spend so much time and effort on something that will only last for a little while?

What’s up with Cupid? I know everyone really enjoys candy, but there is Halloween for that. Giant teddy bears are not needed to express your feelings for someone. If you love someone, why not just tell them that on any particular day? People should be willing to make efforts for someone or be kind to someone on any given day, not just Valentine’s Day. Also, why do people fall in love because of an arrow that has been shot at them? Wouldn’t they be in pain instead? It also doesn’t make sense that beautiful flowers and candy are needed to show how grateful you are for a friendship with somebody. I have never understood what the issue is.

Even though I can see from the perspective that Valentine’s Day is to celebrate your love for someone specifically and more than ever, I just don’t understand why people embrace each other more on one day than any other. I just don’t understand why teddy bears are required to make someone feel good. I just don’t understand why chocolates and flowers must be given to someone to tell them you love them. I just don’t understand why Cupid must throw love-arrows at people to form a couple that will love each other forever. Maybe it’s from my lack of love to my friends, or maybe I’m just crazy and insane, but I for one prefer to duck Cupid’s love arrows.

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Duck the Love Arrows