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The New Presidency

Ashley P., Assistant SNO Editor

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America has just elected a new president after three rounds of  presidential debates. The winner of the election was Donald Trump, who had a total of three hundred four electoral votes, compared to Hilary Clinton’s two hundred seventy. Trump won the most electoral votes rather than the popularity votes. He won thirty states, which is about sixty percent (fifty seven percent exactly) of the U.S. He will be receiving the traditional successor letter in the Oval Office from the previous president, which is Barack Obama. Mr. Trump will be sworn into office permanently on January 20th, 2017 after taking the Oath of Office, which means that he will rule over the United States of America for the next four years unless he is re-voted by American citizens or impeached by Congress. Donald Trump is part of the Republican Party and has strong beliefs on how he will change America. Additionally, because Trump is a different president, Cabinet members will be changing positions with other people that are chosen as nominees to help Donald Trump through his presidency. As of now, there are fifteen people (these are the heads of departments and includes the vice president) who have different positions in the Cabinet. They will be keeping their job unless Trump removes them for his picks. Obviously, the inauguration of a president is a big deal for everyone in the U.S. as well as for representatives and the president themselves because so many changes must be made and so many dates and times must be set up. Obviously, the new presidency holds wonders for everyone and the standards for the position of president are still held high.

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The New Presidency