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The Summarizing Chapecoense

Katie T., Staff Writer

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As you may know, Cope’s Journalism team started an online newspaper at the beginning of the school year.  The online newspaper is called The Talon Online and since August, they post new articles every week about happenings around Redlands, world news, entertainment, student life, clubs, sports, and more.  Other than just articles, the online newspaper contains jokes, quotes of the week, memes, sport scores, and more.

Just recently, Mrs. Burroughs’ two ELD classes have been looking on The Talon Online quite often.  Mrs. Burroughs started having her class find and read an online article that interested them the most during the week of January 16, 2017.  After they thoroughly read the article of their choice, the ELD students had to summarize it.  Those students have enjoyed doing this so much that Mrs. Burroughs has made it a weekly assignment for her students. One of the students in that class enjoyed doing this assignment more than ever because he was able to pronounce all of the football players’ names in the article titled “Chapecoense Plane Crash.”  The fact that they are doing this is just completely amazing.  Everybody at Cope Middle School should tell Mrs. Burroughs ELD class how supportive they are.

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The Summarizing Chapecoense