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The Peanut Butter to My Jelly

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Valentine’s Day isn’t just about couple relationships. Friendships are a big part of Valentine’s Day. Cope has many pairs of inseparable besties.

 Ashlynn Lenertz and Annalise Yslava:

“I met Annalise in 1st grade. She acted like a spoiled brat. But we became good friends in 6th grade and now we are best buddies.” –Ashlynn

“She used to kick me when we were little. But she is now my best friend and I love her. She is the only person who doesn’t annoy me on a daily basis.”-Annalise

Matias Bianchi and Harry Faulkner:

“I love my homeslice Matias. Matias and I have been rad homeslices for five years. I couldn’t ask for a gnarlier homefry.”           -Harry

“Harry is amazing. He’s unique and    special. I think I met him in 1st grade. I never ever fight with Harry.”-Matias

Trevor Joye and Joe Garcia:

“I like Joe because he’s funny.  He rides dirt bikes with me. He does crazy things that are so fun.”- Trevor

“I was in 5th grade and Trevor was in 4th. He was a loner and I became his friend. We ride dirt bikes and now we are       besties.” –Joe

Lily Tremain and Kacie Ludikhuize:

“She is my best friend. I love all of our memories and inside jokes. I can’t wait to make many more.”-Lily

“Our friendship started in kindergarten. We are going to travel the world together. We are partners in crime.”

Madie Mendoza and Emma Lawrence:

“We’ve been best friends for over nine years. Emma cleans my room for me which is great. I’m most comfortable around her.”-Madie

“Madie and I always laugh together. She organizes my dresser. I love her enthusiasm.” –Emma

Jace Johnson and Joey Gill:

“We have so much in common a a mutual friend we found out we had a lot in common.” –Joey

Andrea Adamm and Charlize Halim:

“We became best friends in second grade. Charlize is nice, funny, smart, and      awesome.”- Andrea

“Andrea is super nice and pretty. She’s really funny and smart.” -Charlize


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The Peanut Butter to My Jelly