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Things Teachers Do That Annoy Me

Ashlynn L.

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  • When teachers bring political views into the class room

When teachers bring their political views to the class room they usually make it clear who they like and dislike. However, in a large class there are going to students who disagree and hate when their teacher talks bad about their political candidate.

  • Unorganized teachers

Unorganized teachers can ruin a student’s grade by losing their assignments. Without a working system in place for collecting papers and giving them back, it will not only… sorry I never got my assignment back so I’m not sure how to finish this sentence.

  • When teachers complain about grading

Almost all students hate when teachers start to complain about grading. Teachers will go off about how stressed they are trying to get all the grades for an assignment done, but it is like they forget that we were the ones who had to do it. Students feel that teachers get the easier half of the job, yet they complain more than students.

  • When a teacher picks on a student who is not raising their hand

When teachers pick on a student who is not raising their hand it annoys almost everyone, including the student who was picked and the students who were raising their hands. Then when the student obviously does not know the answer and the teacher just waits for them to give an answer, it annoys the whole class.

  • When teachers compare the classes

The one thing that annoys most students is when teachers either talk bad about the other classes or say one class is better than another. I do not know whether the teachers do this to try and motivate that class or the are just venting, but if they say something bad about a class that my friends are in, there is no doubt that I will tell them.

  • When teachers give busy work or make students learn things they will never use

What I hate the most out of the things on this list is when teachers give busy work or when they try to teach us something we will never use. Like when teachers make us take notes on movies during the last two days of school, especially when the movie has no relation to what we are learning. Also when we have to learn things like sentence diagraming, that I know most of my English class dislikes doing, everyone gets really irritated, because I feel that I will never use it.

  • When teachers tell us not to act like children but then act like children themselves

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The student news site of Cope Middle School
Things Teachers Do That Annoy Me