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Farewell, Mr. Rothe!!

Ashley P., Assistant Editor(online)

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After ten great years of teaching, Cope must sadly say goodbye to one of its best teachers it has ever had. Mr. Rothe, who teaches eighth grade math/honors math and percussion, has been given an amazing job opportunity at the District Office as an instructional technology teacher on assignment, which means that Mr. Rothe will get to go to different campuses and help teachers plan more exciting activities and lessons with their classes online. Mr. Rothe was offered this job because his strong background in technology and his experience as a classroom teacher made him a good fit for the job. Though Mr. Rothe is sad to leave Cope, he is also excited to be helping out in the District Office since he can help more people with a combination of things he loves. He is also really looking forward to “Meeting other fantastic educators I haven’t had the chance to meet yet at all of the different schools”. And nobody should worry about Mr. Rothe’s departure; he will be here on campus occasionally helping our teachers, too! He will be able to “see his life-long friends and the students he thinks the world of” again.  Every student and staff member that has had the pleasure of learning from and working with Mr. Rothe will say that he is a very smart, talented teacher. So far, Mr. Rothe does not know if he will ever come back to teach at Cope or other schools since he doesn’t know long his new job will last for, but he is waiting to see what the future holds for him. After speaking with him, he decided he would miss the students and his fellow colleagues the most because everyone is fantastic and Cope is a great school.  With a great school also comes fun times. Mr. Rothe’s favorite time at Cope is every year at the awards assembly on the last day of school every year because he can congratulate students on trying their best. So, though we are sad that Cope is losing a fantastic teacher, we shouldn’t just be sad; we should be happy for Mr. Rothe and congratulate him on his new job and thank him for ten wonderful years of teaching here. From all of Cope, we wish you farewell, Mr. Rothe!

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The student news site of Cope Middle School
Farewell, Mr. Rothe!!